The rock-instro genre has always been about having FUN with music, and delighting in the many oddball and amusing ways we can find to play around with sound. On this page I have gathered some tunes reflecting this tradition from every part of my catalog; so… have FUN!…


The Belairs
A great example of Eddie and I learning to play together. He fools with different sounds as he plays his original melody over and over, while I do the same with the rhythm part. (I do take a solo midway...)
Origins of Surf Music

The Duo-tones
Travis Wammack had a hit with his nutty rip-off of "Comin´ Home Baby" in ´65; Gil and I start off slow with a bit of the original, then we shift right into high gear.
Surf Music Unplugged

Unto Thee, O Lord
Paul Johnson
spicy little enchilada of a worship tune

Rockin´ Pants
The Initials (backed by the Belairs)
We met this Coasters-style doo-wop group at one of our shows, and they asked us to do a session with them to back them on this tune...
Origins of Surf Music