I don't have pages dedicated to old standards, western swing, Hawaiian music, exotica, tango or Tex Mex, so THIS is where you're likely to find such things, along with lots of other eccentricities from the more obscure corners of my catalog…


The Belairs
Ed Bertrand´s original tune, from the same session that yielded "Mr. Moto."
Origins of Surf Music
Lure of the Curl
The Packards
a PJ original  The only tune on Pray For Surf not from the early ´60s. This is a re-titled (for this album only) "Albion Blues," which I wrote in ´69. That´s Chris Darrow playing dobro...
The Packards / Pray For Surf
Liquid Blues
Paul Johnson
a PJ original  Named for its "liquidity" ... it begins in a country-rock vein, then morphs smoothly through several changes (in mood and tone), and ends up somewhere near Abbey Road.
Liquid Blues
Paul Johnson
a PJ original  A goofy improv piece from the late ´60s. Spiro Agnew was VP at the time... the "sliding" chords sounded to me like they were calling his name...