I'm not billed as a bluesman; but I trust that the tunes on this page, which I've collected from every part of my catalog, will demonstrate that I do speak the language with some fluency…



The Shimmy
The Belairs
Funky tune written by the groupīs bassist, Steve Lotto. This is the later Belairsī lineup, with Art Fisher playing lead. Iīm playing rhythm with the "auto-muffer" engaged on my Fender Jaguar.
Origins of Surf Music
Leavinī California
Everpresent Fullness
My ī60s folk-rock band has fun with this cool tune written by Richard Farina.
Everpresent Fullness
The Packards
The Belairsī used to wail on this old R&B tune with the sax up front; here the Packards have adapted it to my guitar lead (with Randy Mitchell adding some tasty solo licks...)
The Packards / Beach City Bop