Tunes culled from every part of my catalog, demonstrating the many ways I love rock n' roll! Here's where you'll hear the influence of early rockabilly, modern Americana, and just about everything in between…


Squad Car
The Belairs
a PJ original The very first recording of my oft-covered tune, and the definitive example of the original concept behind it.
Origins of Surf Music
The Rovin┤ Kind
Everpresent Fullness
a PJ original  The surf music era was barely over when I wrote this shameless attempt to pander to the new folk-rock trend. (I even borrowed an electric 12-string to get that Byrdsy sound...)
The Everpresent Fullness
The Duo-tones
a PJ original  I wrote this in ┤61 (at age 14) under the inspiration of my first guitar hero, Duane Eddy.
Surf Music Unplugged
Paul Johnson
a PJ originalá You might catch the original PJ & the Galaxies version on the Vintage Surf page. This was one from late in the surf era that reflects the advent of the British invasion.
Escape to Reality
California Dreamin┤
Paul Johnson
This brings out the bluesy side of the Mamas & Papas┤ folk ┤n roll evergreen
Eclectric Guitar