I'm pleased and honored to be regarded as one of the "chief architects" of surf music. It is in THESE tracks, which are drawn from every part of my catalog, that you'll find the sum and substance of my contribution to the genre…


Border Patrol
Paul Johnson
a PJ original  A rough-sketch version of a recent original of mine, which evokes the Mexican influence on surf music.
It Was I
The Belairs
Eddie and I loved to work up our own instro versions of our favorite vocal hits, such as this evergreen by Skip & Flip.
Origins of Surf Music
Mr. Moto
The Duo-tones
a PJ original  Gil & I give my "signature tune" the acoustic guitar treatment...
Surf Music Unplugged
The Packards
a PJ original  I wrote this tune at age 14 for the Belairs; the Packards´ version has a lot more juice... Nice piano work added by Jerry Waller.
The Packards / Beach City Bop
The Surfaris
I kick off this live recording of the Astronauuts´ hit on lead, then Ron Eglit comes in with his tasty innterpretation, then I finish thiings up...
Street Party!